2015 Litter
Our 2015 litter was all about the girl power! Pennlyn welcomed four female pups in late spring.  Although it was a smaller litter, the girls were beautiful and each had such fun little personalities.  Saying goodbye to them wasn't easy, but we loved the adopting families from this litter!  Our pups are totally spoiled and have amazing families and homes.  One pup is growing up on a Christmas Tree farm, one gets to visit an ice hockey rink all the time with her hockey coach dad, one has an older Berner "sibling" and one is loving live at the family's lake house and equestrian facility!

2014 Litter
We welcomed 8 puppies in fall 2014 (4 boys and 4 girls) and they were such a sweet bunch!
Penn and Booker sure have the cutest kids!
These pups now live all over the East Coast with amazing, loving families! We follow many of our pups on Instagram and other social media and love watching them grow!

Our extended family all wanted to come and say goodbye to the pups before they went to their forever homes.

We chose to keep one of the pups from the 2014 Litter.
Aubrynn Everdeen (we call her Brynn) is such a sweet girl!
Pennlyn loves having her around and she sure keeps Penn busy playing!

Brynn, Christmas 2014

Our 2013 Litter 

Pennlyn welcomed 9 healthy puppies on July 25th.  
We had 5 males and 4 females. 
We no longer have puppies available from this litter.  
Please email us at buckscountybernese@gmail.com or visit our Adoption Process page to be put on the waiting list for the next litter.  

4 Weeks Old!

3 weeks old!

Almost 2 weeks old!
Check the PHOTOS page for lots more pics!

Proud parents Pennlyn and Booker- May 2013

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