Bucks County Bernese Puppies Growing Up! 
We love getting updates and pictures of our puppies from their new families.  Here are some pictures of Pennlyn's babies growing up!

2015 Litter "Annie"
photo shared by her family

2014 Litter "Brynn"
with our daughter at the K9 Gym

2013 Litter
photos shared by his family

2013 Litter
photos shared by his family

Photos from 2013 Litter
Litter born on July 25, 2013
8 Week Pictures

2013 Litter
4 Week Old Pictures

Pennlyn with her 2013 Litter

3 Week old Pictures

2013 Litter
2 Week Photos
Our noses are turning dark, we just started opening our eyes, and we're determined to learn to walk! 
It's a very busy time to be a puppy!  

Trying to learn to walk! 

Getting bigger!  

Photos of Pennlyn Adele Growing Up

Pennlyn at home with our kiddos
(2 yrs old)

Pennlyn at 3 months old

All grown up, but still a playful pup!

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